24.9.06 14:12

what Creation Records band are you?

You Are... Oasis.What you lack in originality you make up for in sheer determination. You have found a nice balance between party time and work time. You have the ability to convince the world of anything you want them to believe and you shamelessly do so. You are a purist who has the tendency to live in the past, which is your biggest downfall. If you could only learn to get with the times there's no telling how big you could be. You are destined to go down in history

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20.9.06 15:53

Steve Irwin ist tot

"Der durch zahlreiche Fernsehauftritte bekannte australische "Krokodiljäger" starb bei Dreharbeiten für eine Meeres-Dokumentation durch den Stich eines Stachelrochens ins Herz."

4.9.06 16:15

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