23.11.06 18:19

Pretty Girls In Castro!

Formed a band
We formed a band
Look at us
We formed a band
Honey pie, I don't know when it started
Just stop buying your albums from the supermarkets
They only sell things that have charted
And Art Brut?
Well we've only just started

And yes, this is my singing voice
It's not irony
And it's not rock and roll
I'm just talking
To the kids

I want to be the boy
The man
Who writes the song
That makes Israel and Palestine
Get along

I'm gonna write a song
As universal as Happy Birthday
That's gonna make sure
That everybody knows
That everything's gonna be ok
I'm gonna take that song
And we're gonna play it
Eight weeks in a row on Top of the Pops

Dye your hair black
Never look back
My past is my business
28.10.06 00:58

Samstag der 14.

Wie ist eigentlich die Stimmung am Tag nachdem die Welt untergehen sollte?
14.10.06 15:01

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